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bodywork is good medicine

The tagline of my massage practice -- bodywork is good medicine -- intends to suggest that an investment in a regular schedule of massage should be evaluated as a health and wellness expense. A regular schedule of bodywork can be an important element in maintaining and enhancing a vibrant lifestyle. The schedule could be weekly, monthly, quarterly -- each client is encouraged to explore and determine the best rhythm for their body. Consider this a maintenance routine.

There are also times when a person experiences disease or trauma, or perhaps has been confronted with some form of chronic pain or discomfort extending over time. Myofascial bodywork can be helpful in a wide variety of these situations, and might offer a reasonable alternative to costly and invasive forms of treatment. Depending upon the specific circumstances, it may be advisable to have a series of sessions within a limited time-frame.

My rate structure is designed to offer practical solutions whether you want to use myofascial bodywork as part of your ongoing health maintenance regimen, or perhaps wish to have a more intensive schedule of sessions to address a specific issue. You can, of course, always choose to schedule a single session as a sort of mini vacation from the day-to-day routine!


The first session will last about 75 minutes. It will include an intake interview covering your health history and current condition; a postural assessment to see how your body holds itself in gravity; and 60 minutes of table time. It will save a few minutes if before coming to the first session you print out the "First Time Client Health History" and bring it with you. Or you will have a chance to fill it out when you arrive. The charge for this first session is $80.


60 minutes      $80
90 minutes    $110
120 minutes  $150


Sessions must be used within a 12-month period. Full payment due at or before first session. This rate also applies to the purchase of multiple gift certificates, and the sessions can be used by different individuals.
3 60-minute sessions      $199
3 90-minute sessions      $299
6 60-minute sessions      $390
6 90-minute sessions      $570
12 60-minute sessions    $750
12 90-minute sessions    $1099


Full payment is requested at or in advance of the first session, but a variety of front-loaded payment programs could be considered. All sessions are to be completed within the time-frame offered as part of the package. These sessions are for an individual client and cannot be transferred to another.
3 60-minute sessions within one month                  $180
3 sessions (one 90- and 2 60-minute) within 1 mo.   $200
3 90-minute sessions within one month                  $275
6 60-minute sessions within 3 months                    $375
6 sessions (one 90-, 5 60-minute) within 3 months  $399
6 90-minute sessions within 3 months                   $499
12 60-minute sessions within 3 months                 $699
12 90-minute sessions within 3 months                 $899


Payment in cash is always appreciated, and checks and credit cards are also accepted. Barter will be considered on a case-by-case basis. I believe that everyone should have access to health care.

These rates establish a framework which can be adapted to specific circumstances not clearly defined in the above options. If your situation does not fit easily into this framework, I will attempt to work out a schedule that fits your needs.

We could discuss a monthly payment plan to accommodate those who find it easier to work with monthly budgets. 


Custom packages can also be designed to allow you to offer bodywork sessions as gifts to the members of your wedding party, as an added treat for guests at house parties, as employee-of-the-month rewards, or perhaps as prizes in a raffle your business is sponsoring. 

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