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bodywork is good medicine

 Welcome to the Good Medicine website.

My name is Abi'l-Khayr, and I am a Licensed Massage Therapist in New York State. The name of my practice is Good Medicine, and the style of work that I do is called Myofascial Bodywork.

My New York studio is located in Troy at 116 Third Street. I also see clients in Ohio, at 9824 E Washington Street in Auburn 44023.

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bodywork is good medicine

Fascia is one continuous web that runs throughout the body, and it interacts with every individual cell.

Fascia might also be referred to as the "extracellular matrix" and is composed of collagen and elastin fibers in a ground substance. In its natural state, this matrix has a viscous, gel-like quality that fluidly distributes the tension within our system as we move through our daily activities.

Multiple layers of tissue are constantly gliding over, under and across each other as the tension within our system is constantly being adjusted. At a cellular level, old structures are disolving while new structures are formed in order to allow the body to most easily perform in the way we are trying to use it.

This body we have is a beautiful and amazing instrument!

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 The bones of the skeleton are held in position by the manner in which tension is distributed in the soft tissue of the body. 

Restrictions in the fascial network will create a pull in this tensional pattern which is felt by the whole body.

It is all one fabric.

Restrictions may be the result of trauma (whether physical or emotional), postural habits, illness, or surgery.

Scar tissue is one good example of a fascial restriction.

The pull of a fascial restriction can be strong enough to pull the skeleton out of its natural alignment.

For example, think of shoulders being rounded forward. The tension in the soft tissue is pulling the bones of the shoulder out of alignment.

Restrictions in the fascial network can also impact the nerves which flow through a restricted area of tissue.

In general, fascial restrictions inhibit the body's ability to function at an optimal level.

 bodywork is good medicine

If there is pain, Myofascial Bodywork seeks to find and remove the root cause behind the symptoms which appear in the body.

Find the pain, look elsewhere for the cause.

Myofascial Bodywork is a hands-on form of therapy, but it is not like a Swedish style of massage. It is a different way of approaching the tissue of the body.

It will affect the deep tissues of the body, but it uses the element of time rather than force to accomplish its goals.

   Myofascial Bodywork seeks to release fascial restrictions.

These restrictions appear to be held within the collagenous aspect of the fascia, and the collagen fibers seem to respond to a gentle stretch held over time -- rather than the more forceful deep tissue pressure which is typically used if one is targeting the elastin fiber of muscle tissue.

   It is a relatively gentle, and somewhat subtle style of working with the body. 

It is very effective.

bodywork is good medicine

Myofascial Bodywork can provide a deeply relaxing experience.

For this reason alone it would make sense to consider it as a regular, ongoing piece of your wellness program.

It should be given priority consideration if you are dealing with a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, TMJ issues, carpal tunnel, plantar fasciitis, sciatic pain, frozen shoulder, whiplash, back pain -- virtually any form of chronic pain.

Myofascial Bodywork has also provided positive change in the daily life experience of clients dealing with diagnoses of Parkinson's, Lupus, and various forms of cancer.

Every body is different, and the circumstances we each find ourself in may vary widely from the next person.

For some, having a session once a week for several weeks will be the right choice. For another, maybe a session every three weeks, or six weeks, or three times each year.

We can discuss what makes sense for your situation.

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Each session will start with a simple postural assessment. I will be looking to see how you are holding the tension in your system. This will give me clues of where to focus my attention during the session -- coupled with any verbal report you might offer regarding how your body is feeling.

Then you will lie on the table, in underwear (or two-piece bathing suit, or sports bra and running shorts -- there is no cover sheet) so that I have access to as much skin as possible, while maintaining your sense of modesty and comfort. The session will usually begin with a gentle hold at the ankles, then some work around the head and neck which will help you enter a state of relaxation. Then it unfolds according to what is needed.

Clients have described it as magical.

 bodywork is good medicine

I encourage you to explore the rest of the Good Medicine website. I have tried to summarize my work on this page so you can quickly gain a sense of what it is about.

Please contact me with any questions about myofascial work, and I will try to provide useful answers.

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I look forward to an opportunity to be of service.

 bodywork is good medicine


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